JOJO is the publishing alias of  Kaamna Patel

Titles published under JOJO celebrate playfulness, process, and experimentation through handcrafted books.

The name is derived from Flo-jo, the fastest woman in the world who broke the record in 1988.

JOJO Books are available worldwide at:

Martin Parr Collection, Tate Modern, London
The Photographer's Gallery Bookshop, London

Martin Parr Collection, Tate Modern, London 

Sentanta Books, London

Le Plac'Art Photo, Paris

Yvon Lambert, Paris

La Nouvelle Chambre Claire, Paris

Tipi Bookshop, Brussels

CMYK Bookshop, Pondicherry

Trilogy Library , Mumbai
Offset Bookshop, New Delhi

Seikosha Books, Kyoto

Reminders Photography Stronghold library, Tokyo

Vacilando bookshop, Bangkok

Unobtainium Bookshop, Online

Irasun Bookshop, Seoul

Piece Bookshop, Seoul

Moom Bookshop, Taipei

Printed Matter, New York
Arab Image Foundation library, Beirut
Café Lehmitz Bookstore, Germany