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A reading room from the JOJO Library
for Indian Photo Festival 2020
We invite you to put on your headphones, adjust your volume and immerse yourself in reading with this soundscape.

Kapil Das / Something to Clear

Something So Clear is Kapil Das’ patient look behind the visual clichés and stereotypes that have come to define India. Consisting of a tight edit from thousands of photos taken over a decade, the book shows the spectrum of India through land- and streetscapes, portraits and everyday happenings, some as deceptively simple as a man carrying a mattress or a beetle resting on a leaf.

Sequenced not chronologically or geographically but by intuition, humor and mood, Something So Clear is an archive of impressions that embraces the chaos of life and contains images that in Das’ words are “from a place but not of a place.” While trained as an ethnologist, Das casts aside a strictly analytical approach to capture ephemeral encounters in photos he deems “psychological portals” into his subjects’ (and his own) self. Serendipity not certainty guides Das and makes the title of this book delightfully ironic: “something so clear” is an alluring yet unreachable ideal.

About the Author

Born in Dehra Dun in 1980, Kapil Das majored in English at the University of Delhi and has since worked as an ethnologist. In 2005 he co-founded the design consultancy Quicksand, based in Delhi and Bangalore, and in 2009 he founded the public arts initiative Blindboys, a forum to present photography through on- and offline platforms such as the improvised street exhibition “BlowUp Bombay” (2011). Das held his first solo exhibition “154 Neshvilla Road and Other Stories” at Photoink, New Delhi, in 2011. 

About the Publisher

Steidl is a renowned publisher of German literature, non-fiction and photobooks.  Steidl Publishers has always been owned, run and shaped by Gerhard Steidl. He began his career printing posters and multiples (for Joseph Beuys and Klaus Staeck among others); in 1972 the first Steidl non-fiction book was published, and in the early 1980s followed literature and selected art and photography titles. At the end of the 1990s Steidl established his own photobook program, which within only a few years grew to the largest worldwide list specialized in photography.

For more information about the publisher or to purchase a copy of the book online, please visit Steidl's website

Book video produced by JOJO Library

Post Production by Aditya Tawate

All reproductions are used with the permissions of the author and/or publisher.  

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